DIY Christmas Ornaments

Christmas break starts in less than 4 hours.  What have you lined up for holiday entertainment?  More DVD’s and video games?  How about DIY Christmas ornaments!  These are cheap, easy and you won’t cringe when the kids want to hang them.  These first two can be done with scrapbook or construction paper and a few brads, staples and tape.



Paper Ornaments and Flowers

Age:  4 (with adult help) and over. 

Cost:  less than $8.

How to:  Flower instructions courtesy of How About Orange.

For the oblong ornament use 7 of the same paper strips as the flower ornament.  Cut 1 at 6″.  Cut 2 each at 8″, 10″ and 12″.  Stack them in a pile in this order:  12″, 10″, 8″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″.  Make your pile straight along the bottom short edge and hole punch in the center about 1/4″ from bottom.  Turn the stack upside down and line up all top (short) edges, just as you did on the bottom.  Hole punch the same and insert a brad.  Now work a brad through each of the papers at the first hole punch.

Ta Da!  Hang both ornaments with clear fishing line!

Been there, done that tips: 

  • Ours strips were 1.5″ x 12.  Size does not matter, use what you’ve got!
  • Pick a paper that has color/pattern on both sides.  Our retro Martha Stewart paper matches the tree skirt and stockings I made 7 years ago.  If you want the instructions for those, email me.
  • Flower:  Jessica puts tape on the “tip” of her pages.  We had better results putting the tape half-way over both sides of the page. 
  • Flower:  Our centers did not come out as clean as Jessica’s, no worries…just glue a little bling in the center.  The girls cut and glued felt circles and buttons at our centers.


Snow tipped Pinecones

Age:  4 and over. 

Cost:  less than $9 for 1 bottle Mod Podge, 1 bag Epsom Salt, 1 sponge brush

How to:  Locate your items to be snow tipped.  Pinecones, candles, and branches are great things for the kids to hunt for.  Cover your workspace with newspaper.  Cover the bottom of a large plastic/foil container with the salt.  An adult or older child should paint on the Mod Podge with the sponge brush.  Younger children can roll or sprinkle the glued area with the salt.  Set on newspaper and allow to dry several hours or overnight.

Been there, done that tips:

  • At some point there will be a snow “storm” and salt will end up on the floor/carpet.  No worries, it vacuums up easy!
  • Left over salt looks great in a glass container as fake snow.

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